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Winners of the Ira Butler Gold Trophy 1981 — 1996

1981 Dendrobium Gloucester Sands L Jarvis ANOS Central Coast Group Show. (Dendrobium discolor x Dendrobium canaliculatum).
1982 Dendrobium Hilda Poxon 'Jill' W and J Upton Champion Australian Native Hybrid at combined ANOS Warringah and ANOS Sydney Group Show.
1983 Dendrobium Star of Gold F and J Chapman Champion at ANOS Central Coast Group and Combined ANOS Sydney and ANOS Warringah Group Shows.
1984 Sarcochilus Aussie Weinman W and J Upton Sarco hartmannii 75%, Sarco weinthalii 25%.
1985 Diuris Pioneer R Bates NOSSA Spring Show. Pot full of well grown plants in perfect condition, creamy yellow flowers with red brown splashes. (Diuris longifolia X Diuris maculata).
1986 Dendrobium Hilda Poxon W and J Upton Champion ANOS Warringah Spring Show. Plant with large number of flowers with clear colour and excellent shape.
1987 Sarcochilus Melba ‘Jen’ S Batchelor ANOS Sydney Group Sarcanthinae Show. Large flowers (32mm across).
1988 Dendrobium Hilda Poxon ‘Winfred Mary’ HCC/QOS N Grundon  
1988 Dendrobium Elegant Heart ‘Warringah’ W and J Upton Champion ANOS Warringah Group Spring Show. This plant a breakthrough in breeding and should lead to exciting hybrids in the future.
1989 Dendrobium Our Native ‘Sunshine Coast’ AM/QOS L Grubb Very floriferous, flowers well displayed, well blalanced, good shape and colour.
1990 Dendrobium David Baver 'Monroe' L Jarvis Two perfectly ardching racemes, 14 fully open flowers deep plumb with velvet sheen.
1991 Caladenia latiforia X C flava ‘Harlequin’ R Bates NOSSA Spring Show. 22 well presented flowers and 2 buds on 13 plants.
1992 Sarco Jewel ‘Dungog’ HCC/AD/ANOS
S Batchelor
ANOS Sydney Group Sarcanthinae Show. This plant had exceptional colour, well displayed flowers with good substance.
1993 Dendrobium Star of Riverdene ‘Amanda’ HCC/ANOS R Findlater ANOS Sydney Group Spring Show. Well grown plant, 11 attractive pseudobulbs, up to 23 bright gold flowers per inflorescence, well spaced along the rachis. The flowers were star shaped with wide segments, good substance and texture.
1994 Dendrobium X gracillimum ‘Joan Allison’ AM/VOC J O’Neil This plant was well flowered, with many racemes. The flowers were excellent in shape, good size for that hybrid, good texture and were a strikingly vibrant yellow.
1995 Sarco Judith ‘Snowy’ W Kennewell Champion hybrid Sarcathinae Shows of ANOS Macarthur Group and ANOS Sydney Group.
60 flowers on 4 racemes, good texture, well rounded, flat and pristine. The flower was enhanced by the yellow labellum and unusually dark rachis.
1996 Dendrobium Rutherford Blushing Bride ‘Patricia’ HHH/OSCOV H Van Den Berg A magnificently flowered plant with 13 upright racemes well clear of the foliage. The flowers were cream splashed with purple/red, accentuated by a deep lip. A hybrid between Den. Gillian Leaney X Den. Zip. Species percentage Den. speciosum 18.75%, Den. kingianum 68.5% and Den. tetragonum 12.5%.



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