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Ira Butler Trophy 2019

The Ira Butler Trophy 2019 for the Champion Australian Native Orchid Hybrid of the Year was won by Den. Australian Butter Bright 'Razz' owned by Carole Barnett, bred by ANO, cross is Den. Dunokayla x Den. speciosum.




The following nominations each receive a Ira Butler Silver Certificate

  • Sarco. Evening Star 'Red & Yellow 2014' owned by David Butler, bred by David Butler


  • Peristorrhiza Surreal 'Belmont' Provisional AM to be registered. Plant is owned by Colin Fitzsimmons     



  • Den. Greta Snow 'Patricia' owned by Henk van den Berg, bred by Don Cruickshanks



  • Den. Jesmond Star 'Melissa' owned by Down Under Native Orchids, bred by John Purvis




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