Dockrillia Grey Ghost 'Tumbi'

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Ira Butler Trophy 2006

The Gold Ira Butler Trophy 2006, for the Champion Australian Native Orchid Hybrid of the Year has been awarded to Dockrillia Grey Ghost 'Tumbi'.

This magnificent orchid, owned by Phena and Brian Gerhard of Down Under Native Orchids, was bred by Down Under Native Orchids and nominated at the ANOS Warringah Group Spring Show. The plant featured many well open, greyish white flowers with light plum striations along the petals and sepals. All flowers were upright and well displayed.

The following five nominations each receive a Silver Ira Butler Trophy

  • Dendrobium Jesmond Gem 'Olive Adams', owned by Peter, Cheryl and David Adams
  • Dendrobium Tarean Creek 'Taliska', owned by Anita Evans
  • Dendrobium Rudkin 'Tynan', owned by John and Diane Sharam
  • Dendrobium Brinawa Sunset, owned by Henk van den Berg
  • Sarcochilus Judith 'Snowy', owned by David Butler

The following nominations receive Ira Butler Certificates

  • Sarcochilus Melba 'Surprise', owned by Ms J Pinner
  • Dendrobium Lochiel 'Robin', owned by B and B Khann
  • Dendrobium Australian Goldrush, owned by B and B Khann
  • Dendrobium Tie Dye 'Magic Moment', owned by Norm and Kay Mitchell
  • Dendrobium Buxton's Surprise 'Norma', owned by Keith Buxton
  • Dendrobium Aussie Victory 'Supernatural', owned by Phena and Brian Gerhard of DUNO
  • Dendrobium Victorian Bride 'Genesis' owned by Carl and Gaylene Armstrong
  • X Taurodium furcillatum , owned by Steve Howard
  • Dendrobium Avrils Gold, owned by Grahame Beaton
  • Dendrobium Golden Sunsprite 'Anne', owned by Greg Taylor
  • Dendrobium DUNO Charminite, owned by F and H Vernon
  • Dendrobium Awesome, owned by John Fleming
  • Dendrobium Light River, owned by F and H Vernon
  • Dendrobium Johulatum, owned by Keith Skaines
  • Dendrobium Graeme Banks 'Anna', owned by Anthony Armstrong
  • Dendrobium Miara, owned by Janet and Tony Baumer
  • Dendrobium Amber Banks 'June', owned by Brendan Killen
  • Rhynochilus Colonial Zeal 'Stars', owned by Phena and Brian Gerhard
  • Dendrobium Graham Hewitt 'Matilda', owned by Rob and Dot Lane
  • Dendrobium (Victorian Flare 'Solid Violet Lip' x Jesmond Sparkler 'Greg Hall'), owned by W and O Clavant.
  • Dendrobium X delicatum 'Cathie', owned by M P Osborne
  • Dendrobium Avril's Gold 'Keesha', owned by G and S Zerbe


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