Dendrobium Anne's Rainbow Surprise 'Diana'

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Ira Butler Trophy 2005

The Gold Ira Butler Trophy 2005 for the Champion Australian Native Orchid Hybrid of the Year was awarded to Dendrobium Anne's Rainbow Surprise 'Diana', owned by Lloyd Perryman of Victoria (Hybridist: Issy Klein).

The following ten 'runners up' received Silver Ira Butler Trophies

  • Dendrobium Cassidy ' Maya' - Phil Grech (Hybridist: Kevin Moore)
  • Dendrobium Jayden 'Goodie' AM/OSCOV - Phil Grech (Hybridist: John Purvis)
  • Dendrobium Avril's Gold - Reg and Gill Shooter
  • Dendrobium x gracillimum - John and Bev Gay (natural hybrid)
  • Dendrobium Dianne Gee - F and H Vernon (Hybridist: D.U.N.O.)
  • Dendrobium Australian Sunset - Michael Drobski (Hybridist: Australian Orchid Nursery)
  • Sarcochilus Melody 'Bubbles' - D.U.N.O. (Hybridist: D.U.N.O.)
  • Dockrillia teretifolia x pugioniformis - Mark Brown
  • Dendrobium Avrils' Gold 'Wingam' AM/AOC HCC/ANOS 2003 - Don Cruickshanks (Hybridist: Ray Hill)
  • Sarcochilus Weinhart - Mike Fish

The following received Ira Butler Certificates

  • Dendrobium Lustrous 'Dungong' - Dennis and Barbara Stahlhut (Hybridist: Ken Russell)
  • Dendrobium Hilda Poxon - Steve Howard (Australian Orchid Nursery)
  • Dendrobium (Victorian Flare x Jesmond Sparkler) - Ron Keane (Hybridist: Australian Orchid Nursery)
  • Dendrobium Lynette Banks - Greg and Helen McCourt (Hybridist unknown)
  • Dendrobium Jamestown 'Sue Gee' - Graham and Sue Zerbe (Hybridist: Adelaide Orchids)
  • Dendrobium Dreamtime - John Frocklington (Hybridist: unknown)
  • Dendrobium Candice '#1A' - F and H Vernon (Hybridist: Field)
  • Dendrobium Riversun '#1' - F and H Vernon (Hybridist: Neville Roper)
  • Dendrobium Cheeky Sheen - Michael Drobski (Hybridist: D.U.N.O.)
  • Dendrobium Rutherford Blushing Bride x speciosum var. speciosum 'Bevan' - Bevan Burnham (Hybridist: Bevan Burnham)
  • Dendrobium (Burgundy Cream 'Best' x Jesmond Gem 'Warringah Champ') Mount Ford - Laurie Mountford (Hybridist: unknown)
  • Dendrobium x gracillimum 'Billorc' - Bill and Odette Clavant (natural hybrid)
  • Dendrobium Amber Banks - Henk van den Berg (Hybridist: John Purvis)


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