Sarcochilus Heidi
'Albert Brown'

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Ira Butler Trophy 2004

The Gold Ira Butler Trophy 2004 for the Champion Australian Native Orchid Hybrid of the Year was awarded to Sarcochilus Heidi 'Albert Brown'.

This lovely orchid is owned by Down Under Native Orchids. It was Champion Australian Native Hybrid at the ANOS Sydney Group Sarcanthinae Show in October. The plant had three inflorescences averaging sixteen flowers each. The flat, well filled in flowers were mid pink in colour with a red centre, and well displayed.

The breeder of this particular plant is, unfortunately, unknown. Sarco Heidi is Sarco. Fitzhart x Sarco. hartmannii and the grex was registered by David Banks in 1983.

Of the 33 nominations, 20 were from State or AOC or OSCOV affiliated Societies, 8 were from ANOS Groups, 1 from NOSSA, 1 from the Native Orchid Society of Toowoomba and three were eligible by reason of having received quality awards.

The following ten 'runners up' will receive a Silver Ira Butler Trophy

  • Cymbidium Kuranda 'Sue Gee' HCC-ACC/AOC (2003)- Graham & Sue Zerbe
  • Dendrobium Tyabb 'Heather' AM/OSCOV (204) - Philip Grech (Hybidist: Wayne Turville)
  • Dendrobium Yondi Glow x Dendrobium falcorostrum - Norm & Kay Mitchell (Hybridist: Sid Batchelor)
  • Dendrobium Jayden 'Sheen' AM/OSCOV - Barry Khann (Hybridist: WT Upton)
  • Dendrobium Kayla 'Longlast' - Henk van den Berg (Hybridist: Col Brandon)
  • Dendrobium Our Native 'Pacific Glory' HCC/ANOS (2004) - Fred Fear (Hybridist: Pacific Orchids)
  • Dendrobium Lochiel - Henk van den Berg (Hybridist: Neville Roper)
  • Pterostylis Hoodwink - Les Nesbitt (Hybridist: L&M Nesbitt)
  • Sarcochilus Burgundy-on-Ice 'Strawberry Whip' - F&H Vernon (Hybridist: D.U.N.O.)
  • Sarcochilus Tigress - F&H Vernon (Hybridist: Simpson Orchids)

The following will receive an Ira Butler Certificate

  • Dendrobium Anne's Rainbow Surprise - David Cammack
  • Dendrobium Aussie Child 'Wilcherry' - Roger & Pauline Rankin
  • Dendrobium Aussie Quest 'Athol's' - Athol Rosenberg
  • Dendrobium Cam-Ranh 'Emjay' - Paul Wheeler
  • Dendrobium Cherub 'Bernice' HCC/AOC- QOS (2004) - Grahem Markrow
  • Dendrobium Colonial Surprise x Dendrobium (Bicentennial Blush 'Stunning' x Gulginni) - Alex & Christine Canala
  • Dendrobium Cracker - Norm & Kay Mitchell
  • Dendrobium Deemac - F&H Vernon
  • Dendrobium Gillieston Pearl x Dendrobium Hamilton 'Lance' - Keith Buxton
  • Dendrobium Gillieston Stardust 'Kimmie' HCC/OSCOV (2004) - B&B Khann
  • Dendrobium Kayla - David Butler
  • Dendrobium Kayla 'Old Gold' - Dennis Wood
  • Dendrobium Kayla 'Old Gold' - Dennis Wood (eligible for 2 nominations because Champion of two different shows)
  • Dendrobium Lisa Turner - G&L Spear
  • Dendrobium (speciosum x Tarean) 'Goldie' - Philip Grech
  • Dendrobium (Burgundy Cream x Jesmond Gem) - L Mountford
  • Dendrobium MacBride 'Burgundy Ice' x Dendrobium Cobber 'Yibbidy Ya Ya' - Emil Dallmer
  • Dendrobium Rutherford Blushing Bride x Dendrobium (June Mac x Aussie Quest) - I&J Morschel
  • Dendrobium (Bicentennial Rose x Ku-Ring-Gai) 'Robin' - B&C Wessely
  • Dendrobium Star of Riverdene - J&L Hateley
  • Sarcochilus (Elise x hartmannii) #2 - F&H Vernon
  • Sarcochilus First Light 'Butterscotch' - Down Under Native Orchids


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