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Ira Butler Trophy 2003

The Gold Ira Butler Trophy 2003 for the Champion Australian Native Orchid Hybrid of the Year was awarded to Sarcochilus Yvette 'Jake's Pride' HCC-AD/OSCOV.

This stunning orchid, which is owned by Rosemary and George Ingram, was Champion Australian Native Orchid Hybrid at the OSCOV/Mornington Peninsula Orchid Society Summer Show in November 2002 where it received a Highly Commended Certificate from OSCOV. It was the OSCOV Victorian Australian Native Hybrid Orchid of the Year in 2002 and in 1999 OSCOV had given it an Award of Distinction. The flowers were red with a bright yellow labellum, and of good shape, well filled in.

Sarco. Yvette is Sarco. Cherie x Sarco. Fitzhart. The hybrid was made by Neville Roper, who registered it in 1998. The nomination form indicates that Ken Russell was also involved in the making of the hybrid.

Of the 36 nominations this year, 27 from State or AOC or OSCOV Affiliated Societies, 6 were from ANOS groups, 1 from NOSSA, 1 from the Tinonee Open Day and Show and 1 from teh RHSV Royal Melbourne Show. During the year in which they became eligible, nominated plants had also received a total of 3 Awards of Merit, 11 Highly Commended Certificates, and 1 Award of Distinction. Again the overwhelming majority of entries were dendrobiums, with one Dockrillia, two Sarcochilus, and two terrestrials.

The following ten 'runners up' will receive Silver Ira Butler Trophies.

  • Dendrobium Avril's Gold 'Wingham' AM/AOC-NSW 2003; HCC/ANOS 2003 - Don Cruickshanks (hybridist: Ray Hill)
  • Dendrobium X gracillimum 'Trish's Treasure' HCC-CC/OSCOV 2003 - David Wickham
  • Dendrobium Jayden 'Goodie' AM/OSCOV 2003 - Philip Grech (hybridist: John Purvis)
  • Dendrobium Lochiel 'Yellow Bird' HCC/OSCOV 2003 - Philip Grech (hybridist: John Purvis)
  • Dendrobium Our Native 'Gold Glory' AM/ANOS 2003 - Fred Fear (hybridist: Ken Russell)
  • Dendrobium Tie-Dye 'Genesis' HCC/AOC-NSW - Down Under Native Orchids (hybridist: D.U.N.O.)
  • Dendrobium Victorian Blush 'Royal Show' - Australian Orchid Nursery (hybridist: Wayne Turville)
  • Dendrobium (Zoom x Rutherford Blushing Bride) HCC/OAC-VOC - Michael Drobski (hybridist: D.U.N.O.)
  • Pterostylis Rogoff 'Athols' Pride' HCC-ACC/AOC-QOS 2003; HCC-ACC/ANOS 1999 Athol and Nancy Rosenberg (hybridist: Nesbitt Orchids)
  • Sarcochilus First Light 'Butterscotch' - Down Under Native Orchids (hybridist: D.U.N.O.)

The following will receive Ira Butler Certificates

  • Dendrobium Anne's Rainbow Surprise 'Pirie 2' - Graham and Sue Zerbe
  • Dendrobium (Autumn x Rutherford Sunburst) - Michael Hopwood
  • Dendrobium Avril's Gold 'Brandon' AM/AOC-VOC 2002; HCC/OSCOV - Michael Drobski
  • Dendrobium Avril's Gold 'Plenty' AM/AOC-NSW 2003 - Down Under Native Orchids
  • Dendrobium Bruce Murray 'Sydenham' HCC/AOC-VOC - Michael Drobski
  • Dendrobium Colonial Bullion 'Susan' - Alan and Doreen Garner
  • Dendrobium X delicatum - G and H Taylor
  • Dendrobium Duno Deerose 'Fiona' HCC/OSCOV 2003 - Ron and Pauline Coppin
  • Dendrobium Fair Go - Ros and Tom Fitzgerald
  • Dendrobium x gracillimum - John and Bev Gay
  • Dendrobium (Hamilton x Elegant Heart) x Den.Aussie Victory - Kevin and Tess Simpson
  • Dendrobium Hilda Poxon 'Carlingford' AM/AOC-NSW - Norma and Kay Mitchell
  • Dendrobium (June Mac x Lawrose) 'Pink Delight' HCC/AOC-VOC 2003 - Michael Breuer
  • Dendrobium Lochiel 'Golden Sunshine' - Philip Grech
  • Dendrobium Rutherford Golden Sun - Janet and Tony Baumer
  • Dendrobium Star One - Barry and Beattie Khann
  • Dendrobium Salamaua HCC-AD/AOC-VOC - Michael Drobski
  • Dendrobium (speciosum x Tarean) - Anita Evans
  • Dendrobium x suffusum 'Doyel's River' - Down Under Native Orchids
  • Dendrobium Tawhai 'Big Gem' - Norm and Kay Mitchell
  • Dendrobium Tyabb 'Zoe' HCC/AOC-VOC - Michael Drobski
  • Dendrobium Victorian Flare - Henk van den Berg
  • Dendrobium Zip-Zap - Philip Grech
  • Dockrillia x grimesii - Gary and Harleen Williams
  • Pterostylis Ruckman - Nesbitt Orchids


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