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Ira Butler Trophy 2002

The Gold Ira Butler Trophy 2002 for the Champion Australian Native Orchid Hybrid of the Year was awarded to Dendrobium Warragul 'Magenta' HCC-AD/OSCOV.

This fine orchid, owned by Philip Grech, was Champion Australian Native Orchid Hybrid at the West Gippsland Orchid Club Show, and also received a Highly Commended Certificate and an Award of Distinction from OSCOV. The sepals and petals have a pure white base, with the tips of the petals and margins of the sepals magenta and the labellum a solid magenta with a fine yellow keel.

The grex was recently registered by Philip Grech. It is D. Tie-Dye x D. Rutherford Sunspot, and was hybridised by Down Under Native Orchids.

Of the 24 nominations this year, 7 were from ANOS groups, 1 from NOSSA, 15 from State or AOC or OSCOV Affiliated Societies and 1 from the Tinonee Open Day and Show. Nominated plants had also received a total of 4 quality awards during the year and one Award of Distinction. Again the overwhelming majority of entries were dendrobiums. No terrestrials were nominated.

The following ten 'runners up' will receive Silver Ira Butler Trophies

  • Dendrobium Avril's Gold 'Brandon' AM/AOC-VOC 2002 - Michael Drobski (Hybridist: Ray Hill)
  • Dendrobium Graeme Banks 'Greta' - Don Cruickshanks
  • Dendrobium Graham Hewitt 'Dee Pee' - David & Pat Harmer (Hybridist: Neville Roper)
  • Dendrobium Hewitt Glow 'Cobina' HCC/AOC-VOC 2002 - Joseph W. Crawford
  • Dendrobium Ivory 'Buttercup' - Down Under Native Orchids (Hybridist: D.U.N.O.)
  • Dendrobium Kayla 'Longlast' - Colin bRandon (Hybridist: Colin Brandon)
  • Dendrobium Tie-Dye 'Magic Moment' - Norm & Kay Mitchell [Hybridist: N&M Finch (D.U.N.O.)]
  • Dendrobium Vivkay 'Jessie' HCC/AOC-NSW 2002 - Don Cruickshanks (Hybridist: D.U.N.O.)
  • Sarcochilus First Light - Rob Lewry [Hybridist: N&M Finch (D.U.N.O.)]
  • Sarcochilus Fitzhart 'Jack' - Albie Sherwood [Hybridist: N&M Finch (D.U.N.O.)]

The following will recieve Ira Butler Certificates

  • Dendrobium Anne's Rainbow Surprise 'Tim' - Shirley Bedingfield
  • Dendrobium Avrils' Gold - Reg & Gill Shooter
  • Dendrobium Berserker 'Lee' - Helen & Greg McCourt
  • Dendrobium (Brinawa Charm 'Lucky's Toy' AM/ANOS 1992 x speciosum var. curvicaule 'TB') - Laurie Mountford
  • Dendrobium Golden Nugget 'Elsie' - Norm & Kay Mitchell
  • Dendrobium Hilda Poxon - John & Bev Gay
  • Dendrobium (johannis x canaliculatum) - Harold Gepperd
  • Dendrobium Karsun 'Kylie' - Henk van den Berg
  • Dendrobium Kayla - I&J Morschel
  • Dendrobium Quell - Eric Bailey
  • Dendrobium Stunning - G&M Hazeldine
  • Dendrobium Sunstar - Rito Silvestr
  • Dendrobium Ivory 'Gold' - Down Under Native Orchids


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