Dendrobium Groster x Dendrobium kingianum

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Ira Butler Trophy 2001

The Gold Ira Butler Trophy 2001 for the Champion Australian Native Orchid Hybrid of the Year was awarded to Dendrobium Groster x Dendrobium kingianum.

This year's winner was Champion Orchid at the Casino and District Orchid Society Show. This lovely orchid is owned and bred by Stewart and Helen Penman of Kyogle.

Of the 30 nominations this year, 4 were from State societies, 16 from State or OSCOV affiliated societies, 8 from ANOS gorups, 1 from NOSSA and 1 from Ken Russell's Dungong Show. 10 plants had received quality awards during the year.

The following ten 'runners up' will receive Silver Ira Butler Trophies

  • Dendrobium Class 'Windsor Downs' - Bernie Fletcher (Hybridiser: David Butler)
  • Dendrobium John's Charm 'Myrtle' AM/AOC-QOS - Colin & Myrtle Manthey
  • Dendrobium Rosella x D. Sunglow - David & Pat Harmer (Hybridiser: John Purvis)
  • Dendrobium Avril's Gold 'Christine' HCC/AOC-NSW - Grahame Beatton (Hybridiser: Ray Hill)
  • Dendrobium Glitter 'The Star' HCC/AOC-NSW - Norm & Kay Mitchell (Hybridiser: John Purvis)
  • Parachilus Freckles - Bob & Helen Morton
  • Sarcochilus Melba - D&L Brown
  • Sarcochilus Weinhart 'Yannie's Jewel' HCC/OSCOV - D&L Brown (Hybridiser: N&M Finch)
  • Dendrobium Tie-Dye 'Magic Moment' - Norm & Kay Mitchell (Hybridiser: N&M Finch)
  • Sarcochilus Melody 'Bubbles' HCC/ANOS - Down Under Native Orchids (Hybridiser: Down Under Native Orchids)

The following will recieve Ira Butler Certificates

  • Sarcochilus George Colthup - John Whitney
  • Dendrobium Visheen - F&H Vernon
  • Dendrobium Coote - Rick Winch
  • Dendrobium Star of Riverdene - B Killen
  • Dendrobium Amber Banks 'Kate' - Ken Unsworth
  • Sarcochilus Melody 'Measels' - Colin Brandon
  • Dendrobium Jesmond Dazzler 'Burgundy Beauty' HCC/AOC-OCSA - Ros & Tom Fitzgerald
  • Dendrobium Karsun 'Kylie' - Henk van den Berg
  • Dendrobium Elegant Heart 'Diana' - HCC/OSCOV - Philip Grech
  • Dendrobium Hilda Poxon 'Rekeity' - Kellie Stevens
  • Dendrobium Star One 'Kym' HCC-CC/OSCOV - B&B Khann
  • Dendrobium Stunning 'Speckles' HCC/AOC-NSW - Don Cruickshanks
  • Dendrobium Bellinger Surprise - Norm & Kay Mitchell
  • Dendrobium Kayla - Phil Barrett
  • Dendrobium Bardo Rose 'Pink Delight' - Ros & Tom Fitzgerald
  • Dendrobium Hilda Poxon 'Gold Start' - Ros & Tom Fitzgerald
  • Dendrobium Grace Robson 'Sandy' - Henk van den Berg
  • Dendrobium Hilda Poxon 'Joean' - David & Pat Harmer


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