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Bill Murdoch Trophy 1993-1996

1993 Pterosylist taurus Nesbitt's Orchids

This orchid was Champion Australian Native Orchid Species of the Orchid Club of South Australia's Winter Show. The pot of seventy nine flowers with an average height of 20cm. The flowers were tinged with red with whitish heavy veining and a good size for this species.


1994 Peristeranthus hillii E Leilkajis

A particularly well cultured plant with nine racemes of up to 230mm; sixty four unblemished flowers, pale brown in the centre and darker brown at the apex of the segments. It was an eye catcher at the ANOS Warringah Group's Spring Show and was judged Champion Australian Native Orchid Species.


1995 Dendrobium linguiforme 'Jean' M & J Freund

This magnificent specimen plant was not only unusually floriferous but the flowers were of very good quality. It was Grand Champion of the Wangaratta and District Orchid Society's Spring Show. The plant had seventeen racemes and 2016 flowers.


1996 Cymbidium canaliculatum 'Ghost Gum' D Neuendorff

The plant was nominated by the Queensland Orchid Society which gave it an Award of Merit. It was particularly well cultured with eleven racemes each with up to 56 flowers and many buds.The flowers were of outstanding form for the species. The petals and sepals were green with brown markings, while the labellum had contrasting white spots.





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