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Bill Murdoch Trophy 1998

The Bill Murdoch Trophy for Champion Australian Native Orchid Species of the Year has been awarded to Dockrillia nugentii 'Jeffrey' AM/ACC-ANOS.

This magnificent plant belonging to Fred Fear of Newcastle, was well photographed to show the plant as a whole, one flower and one raceme as requested on the Nominaton Form. The information supplied described it as 'superior in every way', with 24 very long racemes, held upright with 38 evenly spaced blooms per raceme. Both flowers and leaves were unblemished. It fully deserved its Award.

However it was not the only very good plant and the Ira Butler judges had some difficult decisions to make. Remember that the judges do not know the clonal names of any of the plants they are are judging, or from whence they come. There were 22 plants nominated, 5 of which were Hybridist and 2 plants had gained awards. The majority were Dendrobium species, with several Dockrillia, only 2 Sarcochilus and 4 terrestrials. One plant nominated unfortunately was not accompanied by slides so could not be accepted.

The following will receive Bill Murdoch Certificates

  • Dendrobium speciosum 'National White' - Colin Brandon
  • Dendrobium kingianum 'Cracker' x D. kingianum 'Bellingen' - Norm and Kay Mitchell (Hybridist: Norm & Kay Mitchell)
  • Dendrobium bigibbum var. superbum 'Koumala' - J&N Quinlan
  • Dendrobium speciosum var. curvicaule 'Daylight Moon' - AP Blewitt
  • Dockrillia teretifolioa 'Divo' - P Blandford
  • Dendrobium speciosum var. curvicaule 'Palmaston' - E&W Walmsley
  • Caladenia filamentosa - Nesbitt's Orchids
  • Dendrobium speciosum var. curvicaule 'Bellenger Jazz' - E&W Walmsley
  • Dendrobium kingianum 'Caloundra' - T&B Gregory (Hybridist: T&B Gregory)
  • Dendrobium speciosum var. curvicaule - Neil and Meg Finch
  • Dendrobium kingianum 'The Gift' - N&K Mitchell (Hybridist: N&M Finch)
  • Dendrobium antennatum - Paul Turvey (Hybridist: Lonee's Orchids)
  • Dendrobium striolatum HCC/CC-OSCOV - B&B Khann
  • Dendrobium bigibbum var. compactum - Anita Swift
  • Pterostylis concinna - Nesbitt's Orchids
  • Diuris lanceolata 'Milbrook' - Newsbitt's Orchids
  • Diuris punctata 'Old Vic' - Nesbitt's Orchids
  • Dendrobium gracilicaule - John Douglas
  • Sarcochilus hartmannii 'Corella' x Sarcochilus hartmannii 'Red Snow' - John Hynds
  • Sarcochilus fitzgeraldii - Henk ven den Berg
  • Dendrobium speciosum var. curvicaule - Bernie Fletcher


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