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Bill Murdoch Trophy 1997

The Bill Murdoch Trophy for Champion Australian Native Orchid Species of the Year has been awarded to Dendrobium kingianum 'Valdon' HCC/TAS.

This plant, owned by Don and Val Towell, was well flowered, with the flowers standing clear of the leaves and displayed well. The flowers were an unblemished, soft crystalline pink, with wide sepals and petals of very good substance and texture. The labellum was very attractive with its red markings and good shape. The side view of the inflorescence showed that the flowers were quite flat for the species. The nomination came from the Burnie Orchid Society, Tasmania. It is a line bred plant from Neil and Meg Finch of Down Under Native Orchids and was awarded an HCC from the Tasmanian Orchid Society.

There were 23 plants nominated for this Trophy. Of these 15 were Dendrobium species, 6 were terrestrials, one a Dockrillia and only one Sarcochilus species, which is unusual. Altogether, 7 were line-bred and 3 had won Awards. Ten came from an ANOS Group or NOSSA while 7 were nominated by State Affiliated Societies. Does this indicate a growing interest in Australian Native Orchid species, particularly in this country?

The following plants will receive a Bill Murdoch Certificate

  • Dendrobium tetragonum 'Urunga' - N Webber
  • Dendrobium cacatua - Michael Harrison
  • Caladenia splendens - Merv Miles
  • Dendrobium kingianum 'Louise' x 'Allison' - N&K Mitchell (Line-bred by N&M Finch, Down Under Native Orchids)
  • Dendrobium speciosum 'National White' - Colin Brandon
  • Pterostylis ophioglossa - Nesbitt's Orchids
  • Pterostylis curta - Kel and Gwen Staples
  • Dendrobium speciosum var. grandiflorum 'Kroombit Gold' - Bruce Mules
  • Dendrobium speciosum 'Marian' - Rosie Seljak
  • Leptoceras menziesii - Nesbitt's Orchids
  • Diuris corymbosa - Bernadette Campbell
  • Dendrobium kingianum ('Lipstick' x 'Gloucester No 4') - Rick Winch (Line-bred by N&M Finch, Down Under Native Orchids)
  • Dendrobium speciosum var. grandiflorum 'Kroombit 2B' - Don and Barbara Jones
  • Dendrobium antennatum - Paul Turvey (Line-bred: Lonne's Nursery)
  • Diuris sulphurea - Bill Kennewell
  • Dendrobium speciosum 'Windemere' - Frank and Lois Piercy (Awarded HCC/OSCOV)
  • Dockrillia linuiformis 'Bea' - Frank and Lois Piercy
  • Dendrobium speciosum var. curvicaule x speciosum 'Little John' - Bernie Fletcher
  • Dendrobium bigibbum var. compactum 'Easter' - Desmond Neuendorff (Line-bred: D Neuendorff) (Awarded HCC/AOC/QOS)
  • Dendrobium kingianum 'Lorraine Jane' - BH Burnham (Line-bred: Ted and Barbara Gregory, Merrellen Orchids)
  • Dendrobium gracilicalue - John Douglas
  • Sarcochilus olivaceus - Alan Stephenson


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